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Community Day at Walgreens

Walgreens and Blessed to be a Blessing have teamed up to create recreational facilities in the economically depressed areas of the St. John Parish. This team effort will allow the children of these communities to have a safe and fun facility to play . The Community Day is scheduled for Saturday June 25, 2011 from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM. For more information please contact our local office at (985) 359-9954.


Moneywise Empowerment Forum with Kelvin Boston

The Moneywise Empowerment Forum is an official part of the national Moneywise Empowerment Tour. The Moneywise Empowerment Tour help underserved households take action to enhance their financial well-being, protect their economic resources and increase their net worth. Since its conception in 2006, the Moneywise Empowerment Tour has served more than 25,000 Americans in the United States, Japan, Bahrain (Middle East) and Europe.


Pathway to Purpose

The Pathway To Purpose program is designed to reduce recidivism amongst offenders through providing individual offenders the opportunity to access or obtain transitional support services, connect to natural systems or pro-social support unique to the community to which he or she returns. Pathway To Purpose is a one year program that helps inmates transition back into a civil community by providing access to life skills. By providing such a program public safety is enhanced and criminal statistics decrease. Click here to read more about “Pathway to Purpose”


Juvenile Diversion Program

Juvenile Diversion is a program designed as an alternative to incarceration for juveniles. This is a ten week program that teaches juveniles about responsibility, self-esteem, restitution, and community service. After completion of all steps in this program the participants partake in a graduation ceremony.



“All For One Cause” After School Program

All For One Cause is an 8 month, Mon. – Thurs., 2.5 hour, 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM, program for our youth. We provide physical, mental, and emotional help for at-risk youth in communities throughout Louisiana. More-so, literacy, health, and exercise programs are incorporated to reiterate the importance of a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Our literacy program provides academic help to children who are struggling in school. In addition to academic help, we provide healthy nourishments, and wellness exercises for fitness.


“Annual Toy Giveaway” Christmas Program

The Annual Toy Giveaway is held to distribute the donated toys to under-privileged kids throughout different communities in the river parish regions of Louisiana. On hand was New Orleans Saints Great Deuce McAllister to help distribute the toys to the children in attendance.




“Let Me Love You” Women’s Banquet

.Let Me Love You is an annual banquet where we come together to be encouraged, inspired and empowered. Every year an individual is celebrated and recognized for his/ her selfless works in the community in which he/she lives and serves. This event is scheduled during the Christmas Holiday Season. Admissions for this event are free. All guests are asked to bring one toy per guest. All toys received are donated to children through our communities and other agencies that services under privileged children. Together we can make a difference because we are all for one cause. In the past we have partnered with the office of community service, office of mental health and the Sheriff’s office. Stay tuned to our website for the next annually scheduled event.


Family Day

Family day is a one day event designed to allow incarcerated offenders that are 6 months to a year from being released, one day to connect with their families during the holiday seasons. This is event is held during the Christmas Holiday’s; toy’s are handed out to the children in attendance. The purpose of this event is to initiate family building skills that can be continued upon inmate’s release.